How to create you first loyalty program?


Within the initial panel you will find the “Loyalty” folder, in which you can create all the loyalty programs you wish, either for one or several subsidiaries, each with its respective awards or benefits.


By pressing on: «+ New Loyalty» you can create your first Loyalty Program, in which the system will request to fill-out the basic information about the program.


Next you must complete the following fields:

Name of the subsidiary: indicate the name of the subsidiary that will be using the Loyalty Program.
Location: enter the full address (Street, number, location, city, etc.)
Description: write a brief introduction to the program. The text will be visible on the registration that your customers will receive.

Then, just click on “save” and your first loyalty will be created.

Step 1 / Login Credentials for the App

– Settings Panel –


Generate the password you wish to use for logging-in the app to start awarding points. By default our system will create the username from the registration mail used when logging in to

Remember to download our app from «Google Play» or «Apple Store» from the smartphone you will be using for the Loyalty Program.

Step 2 / Define the value of your points


Define in this step the value of your points in relation to consumption, (i.e.: US$ 1.00 = 1 point).

Rounding: you can define whether or not the system should round consumption in decimals.
Require ticket: with this function active, the app will offer to take a picture of the ticket as a means of backup to the points awarded.
Suspend due to inactivity: if you enable this option, the accumulated score of users who are not active for a period of 6 months, will be automatically erased.

Step 3 / Edit your template


From the top button “Edit design”, you can access the digital card’s style settings, in which you can modify colors, fonts, backgrounds, logos, etc. so that your «Loyalty Card» carries the look & feel of your business.

Remember that you can edit the design as many times as you wish.


In the second tab of the digital card, you can incorporate through our editable content modules, all the information relative to the rewards of the program, by dragging and dropping from left to right (using a PC/laptop).

We recommend incorporating in this section a clear description of the rewards and benefits to be exchanged for the points earned.

You can also edit this information in real time, so that your Loyalty members are always updated as to the evolution of the program.


In this section you can configure the format and styles of your contact card, so that your Loyalty members always have the means to communicate with your business.

This function will allow your customers to make reservations & inquiries.

Step 4 / Registration Form

When creating a Loyalty Program and after completing the first steps, a URL or Link is automatically generated to the program registration form, which contains the basic information and fields to be filled-out by your customers.

You can also copy/paste the “iframe” code to your website, and in case you are developing graphics for printing, you can download the self-generated QR to direct your target audience directly to the registration form.

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